Terms Of Use

Use of photographs and videos from the site, Canadian Sport Institute Calgary Images, are strictly for editorial use only.  No commercial use is permitted, except where available for purchase as such, which is currently limited to stock photos.

Permitted usages of editorial images include:
  • Social Media
  • Athlete Websites
  • Provincial and sport association websites and communications
  • Olympic and Paralympic committee communications
  • Relevant news stories about the sport or particular athlete
  • Photo montages or galleries 
Image use must be directly related to the sport or sport science story and show the subject in a positive light.  

Commercial photo uses are those that promote or sell a product or advertise an event.  These are not permitted under the User Agreement however under certain circumstances commercial usage may be arranged with the consent of the athlete.  In this case the athlete will be asked to approve the photo usage and sign a photo release.

If you are unsure of your intended usage, please contact us at photos@csicalgary.ca for clarification.

Thank you.